How do we humanise technology?

What will the next 30 years be like?

30 editions in the Present Future

The Future Arrives Early


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The Future Arrives Early


What will the next 30 years be like?

The gap between how the world is now and how it could be is wider than ever before.

And in our hands lies the design and construction of viable, habitable, and desirable futures for all.

Today, we live in the present future, and ArtFutura has spent 30 years exploring that future and pushing the artistic frontiers.

We believe that transformative technology and art must be centered on the human being.

As we anticipated in Humanized Technology. As we always have done.

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The new edition of ArtFutura will be presented in several cities. 

With special activities in Ibiza, London, Liepzig, Madrid, Valencia…

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Premiere ArtFutura

The ArtFutura Premiere showcases the finest and most remarkable pieces from the festival’s program every year, serving as an excellent overview of the festival’s latest trends.

Platige Image, Nikita Diakur, Cool 3D World, Maxim Zhestkov, Brendan Dawes,  Nikopicto, Unity…

Duration: 1 hour. Original Version. 

Futura Graphics

This program is focused on exploring new possibilities and pushing boundaries, featuring outstanding works each year that seek to innovate aesthetics. Including digital animations, motion graphics, video clips, and mixed media that experiment with new languages and push the limits of creativity.

With works by Jonathan Zawada, Oliver Latta, WOW Inc., Brendan Dawes,  Nikopicto, Igor Coric, Julius Horsthuis, Nikita Diakur, everfresh...

Duration: 1 hour. Original Version.


Artworks introduces innovative approaches to documenting digital art, showcasing incredible videos that often go beyond the artwork itself and provide fresh perspectives on the artistic experience, allowing for new ways of sensing and perceiving it.

With images by Tobias Gremmler, Nonotak, Vincent Houze, Cocolab, Tundra….

Duration: 30 minutes. Original Version. 

3D Futura Show

Every year, the 3D Futura Show  features exceptional digital animation works from around the world, highlighting the evolution of this creative field. The program showcases the work of great studios, schools, and freelance artists alike, and impresses with its technical prowess and originality.

Including new works by Cool 3D World, Nikita Daikur, Unity, Frederik Heyman, Julius Horsthuis, Maxim Zhestkov, Klaudiusz Wesolowski, Sevi Iko Domochevsky, Giselle Angeles...

Duration: 1 hour. Original Version. 

Stream Futura

A new program introduced to feature works specifically created for communication through social media platforms like Tumblr, Instagram, and TikTok. Instant and impressive creations. Works from Canada, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, United States….

With contributions from authors like Ben Koppel, Victor Latta, and Jesse Woolston, to name a few.

Duration: 30 minutes. Original Version.

30 x 3D

A very special retrospective program with the most excellent and original 3D animations shown at ArtFutura throughout these 30 years. Works, some of which are difficult to find, shown in their highest quality. ArtFutura is presenting a unique retrospective program that showcases the most outstanding and original 3D animations featured in the festival over the past 30 years.

This program includes rare works that are often hard to find, presented in their highest quality. An extraordinary journey that spans three decades of digital animation and demonstrates its evolution

Unique and exceptional works by Moebius (Starwatcher), Karl Sims (Liquid Selves – Memory Palace), Yoichiro Kawaguchi (Flora), John Amanatides & Donald Mitchell (Megacycles), Sadamune Takanaka (Omnibus), Susan Amkraut & Michael Girard (Eurhythmy), Yugi Kyoshitsu (The Play), Tomasz Bagiński-Platige Image (The Cathedral), Hikaru Yamakawa (Oh Hisse), Damian Nenow-Platige Image (Paths of Hate), Florian Wittmann (Wrapped), Sam Chen (Eternal Gaze), Justin Vin (Wave House), Dvein (The Vein – Magma), Tomer Eshed (Our Wonderful Nature), David Lewandowski (Time for Sushi) and others.

Duration: 80 minutes. Original Version. 

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ArtFutura 2016 - Realidad Virtual

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