Humanized Technology

What does it mean to be human?

Should we rethink technological progress?

“All great art is, in essence, in conflict with the society in which it exists”.

Eric Fromm (Toward a Humanized Technology)


“In relying on tech too much. are we in danger of forgetting what it is to be human?”.

Kate Cook (Technology versus the art of being human)


“We need leaders not in love with money, but in love with justice. Not in love with publicity, but in love with humanity”.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Humanized Technology

Alejandro Sacristán

Humanized Technology is the technology that responds and adapts to how humans learn, think and create, and what humans need to thrive in a digital society.

With the technological revolution of the Internet and social networks, we have fostered the intimate possibilities of self and individualism, but we have also developed technologies such as Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality that will allow us to create extended, more perfect, compassionate and empathic communication networks among people.

Lifeless - Bas Jansen, Fokke Mars, Max van der Ree
Maxim Zhestkov - Volumes
IN-SHADOW A Modern Odyssey

Viable Futures

The network of artists, academics and researchers Collaboration for Humane Technologies affirms that “at the heart of our creative action is the conviction that in order to think (and do) viable futures we must question categories such as being human.

It is necessary to rethink critically the technological progress in favor of a posthumanism that is neither antihuman, nor solely to sustain human life as we know it nowadays.”

The Digital Threat

Humanized technology is to reverse the crisis of digital attention and realign technology with the best interests of humanity.

The Center for Humane Technology has underlined the digital threat of our time: “Our society is being hijacked by technology. What began as a race to monetize our attention is now eroding the pillars of our society: mental health, democracy, social relationships and our children. “

The technological revolution can give us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves as a society but we should not get lost in the process.

Parametric Glacier - DJA (Didzis Jaunzems Architecture)


The smartphone is a device that turns us into primitive cyborgs because it connects us to a global network of information exchange in mobility, it is a cyborg extension.

The incorporation of advanced technology as a neurocultural extension of our bodies and minds has only just begun.

It is obvious that we must reflect and act consciously on this incipient process of technology.

Realidad Virtual + Internet 3D - 30 Seconds - Matt Frodsham

Solidary Mentality

Perhaps the power of our future lies precisely in our humanity and not so much in codification or dating.

It will have to do more with relational intelligence, social skills and with a futuristic, solidary and imaginative mentality.

In the future augmented digital society humans should bring emotions, imagination and social intelligence, robots productivity and strength and artificial intelligence enhance our intelligence and knowledge. Humanized technology.

Maxim Zhestkov - Volumes

The Transformative Art of the Future towards the Unity that Always Was

Luis Miguel Samperio


“How odd I can have all this inside me and to you it’s just words.”

With this phrase the writer David Foster Wallace explained this human feeling that has being around the minds of humanity for centuries. The frustration to communicate the vast internal world that we develop from the day we are born and that, apparently, separates us from the external world in which we seem to be submerged.

We live in times of exponential technological expansion. Virtual / Augmented / Mixed Reality, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data … Technologies that grow in power, in processing capacity, in data storage capacity … For years and years and years we have been exposed to this digital technical development that it seemed to overcome only the barriers of the external world of the human being: explore the macrocosm, connect our digital screens.

Animation Workshop - Bacchus
substance - Humankind
Optics - Maxim Zhestkov


In the coming years an impressive revolution is coming. The union between exponential technology and the capacity for symbolic artistic abstraction will be democratized. It will not be strange to start leaving behind the slowness of our verbal communication (40/60 bits per second in neurological processing).

We will begin to communicate in layers of digital superposition through frequencies of colors and sounds that transcend words. We will have HRV cardiac technologies that will start to make tangible that of “speak from your heart”, and that will allow us to understand how to enter in cardiac coherence not only with us, individually, but with the other.

We will live with reactive characters in immersive worlds that will respond to our emotions and that will represent the archetypes of our subconscious that we have to face, in order to heal and to understand each other better.

With SWARM Artificial Intelligence technologies, we will be able to expand the ability of human decision, in order to consider the collective in a more harmonious way. Through them and through extended reality interfaces we can co-create with each other, a new type of decision-making, almost telepathic, with the aid of artistic audiovisual expression that will allow us to literally reach the hearts of others.

Towards the unity that always was

We will leave behind the distinction between human and technological. Because the human is technological. And the technological is human. What we will learn is that the human and the technological have always been in pursuit of something that for us was not evident until now: that at the bottom of our psyche and heart we were just trying to return to that ONE.

To that feeling of never feeling alone. To that feeling that what I am, and what you are was never such. There was never separation. In the end we were always the same, in this shared dream that is reality. We just had to learn to remember it. The transformative art of the future towards the unity that always was.

Animation Workshop - Bacchus
Simon Christoph Krenn - Parasitic Endeavours

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