ArtFutura 2017 / 2018

Digital Creatures . Augmented Cognition

ArtFutura 2017 / 2018

Digital Creatures

At the beginning of this 21st century we’re all progressively mutating into “digital creatures”. Our jobs, our friendships, our emotions, our art… everything takes place, and more and more so, in the digital realm.

However the most fascinating element about digital technology is precisely that it’s full impact hasn’t arrived… yet. As the capacity of our processors increase at an exponential rate, as human beings, we increase our capacity as much as to create…. as to destroy. To achieve and to fail. Heaven and smoke.

And in this digital realm our creations will be different. Our art will be different. Our museums and the way we use our imagination to visualize our dreams will be different.

Because what is crucial in the global technological discontinuity is our humanity. Without it, everything else lacks meaning.

After “Digital Creatures”, the exhibition on show for four months in Rome, arrives the festival that opens on October 20 in more than 20 cities, with special activities in London, Ibiza, Madrid, Alicante and Granada.

Audiovisual Program

Premiere ArtFutura

The Premiere of ArtFutura is usually presented on the opening night of the festival and includes selections of the best and most impressive works of the program: 3D Futura Show, Futura Graphics, Artworks, Digital Creatures and Schools.

A perfect introduction to the new visual trends of ArtFutura.

Duration: 1 hour. Original Version. English. 

Digital Creatures

A special program on the exhibition of digital art recently presented in Rome at ExDogana.

Including works by Can Buyükberber, Paul Friedlander, Esteban Diácono, Sachiko Kodama, Chico Mac Murtrie / Amorphic Robot Works and Universal Everything. 

Duration: 12 minutes. Original Version: English. 

3D Futura Show

Every year, the 3D Futura Show presents the most outstanding international works of computer animation and reflects on the evolution, both technical and in content, of this creative field. Productions from top studios and freelance artists. Everything has a place in this program that surprises us every year with its originality and technical capability.

Including new shorts by  Julius Horsthuis, Brazen Animation, Zombie Studio, Veselin Efremov, Bjorn-Erik Aschim , Max Taylor and Kevin Roger.  

Duration: 1 hour. Original Version: English. 

Futura Graphics

Futura Graphics highlights the most brilliant shorts in the field of new aesthetics: digital animations, experimental shorts, videoclips and mixed works in the pursuit of new languages.

With works by  Maël Gourmelen, Camille Chao, Elberfeld Kreation, Martin Lapp, David Lewandowski, Taxi Films, Nicolo Bianchino, Daniel Savage, Steve Cutts, Vincenzo Lodigiani, Hannes Knutsson, Neymarc Visuals and others.

Duration: 1 hour. Original Version: English. 


Digital Art, New Media, Virtual Reality, Dance, Performance…  The Artworks program shows new forms of documenting the digital creativity of our time. And it does so by generating new ways of experiencing and feeling the artistic experience.

With works by teamLab, Can Buyükberber, WOW Inc., Maotic, NOHlab, Didzis Jaunzems Architecture, Miguel Chevalier,  and Daniel Canogar.

Duration: 40 minutes. Original Version: English. 


A new section dedicated to the best recent projects from schools from all around the world. From 3D to special effects and motiongraphics.

Names like ESMA, ART FX, ISART, New3DGE, MOPA or Rubika are present in this first program delivery that will be expanded in future editions.

Duration: 1 hour. Original Version.


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